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​Web 3.0 Marketing

Proposal of Web 3.0 customized marketing strategies in various global regions

We propose customized Web 3.0 marketing strategies in various global regions, focusing on South America and Southeast Asia where P&R games are prevalent. We produce influential content through Nacon’s unique P&E MCN influencers. We maximize marketing synergy by combining multiple marketing strategies, including blockchain and game-related communities, with performance marketing, influencer marketing, and PR/DA marketing.


  • Conduct global campaigns in over 50 regions

  • Stable campaign operation based on global Web 3.0 MCN operation data

  • Experience in over 150 UA marketing campaigns, helps you achieve optimal results.

  • Operation experience TikTok, a web 3.0 material media, with detailed target

  • PR and DA advertising related to gaming and blockchain globally through the global media.

  • Manage brand image through press, events and sponsorships

  • Promote community revitalization through related channel operations, events, etc.

  • Through influencer marketing cooperation, it flows into sub and main communities. Share various events

OOH Advertising
  • OOH advertising placement available for targeting in Southeast Asia

  • Targeting advertisements to specific times and groups using the DMP system and geofence function


​Operating experience

Marketing insights based on media operation know-how with experience in managing challenging Web 3.0 content operations.

Combination with other products

Synergy effects from combining different types of marketing. Efficient Web 3.0 campaigns can be executed.

Region over 50 countries

Contribute to revitalizing gaming platforms through Web 3.0 global marketing experience in more than 50 countries and regions.

Online community

Promoting the brand through various online media channels, including online communities, to enhance brand recognition.


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