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Influencer Marketing

Overall process agency based on marketing know-how

This is a marketing product that handles the overall process from selecting the most effective influencers that fit the characteristics of each region and product to planning to posting content. We achieved results such as a maximum increase of 400% in organic user count and over 6 million views. Based on marketing know-how accumulated through multiple campaigns, we provide strategies that can expect maximum effectiveness.



  • Product and regional analysis

  • We provide total marketing services for various requests

Identify advertiser needs
  • Securing a pool of influencers through analysis

  • Proposal and recruitment of influencers

Influencer Recruitment
  • Deliver guidelines and plans

  • Content production, inspect and deliver and video

Video production and draft review
  • Video upload and link delivery

  • Submit a report reflecting the influencer engagement

Upload and submit result report


Platform Diversity
  • Establishing an influencer network encompassing various platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook

  • Indicating influencer marketing results using various performance analysis platforms such as Globlin and Steam

Scale Diversity
  • Over 700 cases of global influencer marketing have been performed in over 50 countries over the past 10 years.

  • A pool of a variety of influencers, ranging from major to minor, and a variety of target groups.

  • Provide comprehensive services like establishing marketing strategy and analysing result

  • We maximize synergy by combining performance, community and influencer marketing.

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