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About Neicon


Looking at the future of the marketing market. We propose optimized strategies based on many years of know-how.



Understanding the features of products and desired goals, we provide customized strategies.


Achieve synergy effects by various marketing methods through close collaboration between departments.


Establish optimized marketing strategies to align with changing market trends for maximum achievement.


Maximize performance based on references and data of many years. Optimize campaign with prompt action.

Global digital

marketing agency

Neicon is a global digital marketing agency that has executed campaigns in over 50 regions for over 10 years, creating maximum results at reasonable costs. We provide and operate a comprehensive marketing consulting strategy ranging from performance to influencer and Web 3.0 marketing.

We understand the characteristics of products and combine various marketing products and optimized strategies for various regions and categories. We provide stable and high campaign performance through synergy from marketing methods.

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