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Data Consulting

Customized service to support data-based decision making

We provide consulting services to large domestic companies and consumer goods companies to analyze corporate data and create value. Professionals in advertising, marketing, and visualization reports collect and process client data. We provide the best visualization reports and advanced consulting. This is a customized service that supports data-based decision making.


  • Identify client needs

  • Know what data you have

  • Discussion of report desired to be created

Kick-off meeting
  • Secure data held by clients

  • ​Understand the basic characteristics of data

  • Process data in appropriate form​

Check your data
  • Choose the right charts and graphs

  • Create a dashboard with optimized UX

  • Visualize according to customer goals

Create a dashboard
  • Discussion of visualization results

  • Reflect feedback and improve

  • Delivery of final visualization report

​Reflect feedback


Salesforce Official Partner
  • Provide reliable services certified by Salesforce

  • Provide innovative solutions with quick access to the latest technologies and updates from Salesforce.

We have experts in advertising, marketing, and visualization reports
  • Provide clear insights based on data

  • ​Easy to understand complex data

Provide cutting-edge consulting services with internal staff
  • Achieving high results through advertising production specialized in short-form

  • Customized planning and campaign execution through analysis of characteristics of each campaign


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