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Community Marketing

Community operation, maximizing awareness and promotion

We want to create a ‘board’ where users can interact and enjoy the game. Open and activate channels such as Reddit, Discord, Instagram, and Facebook. We increase users’ satisfaction and interest in gameplay through game-related community build-up. By holding various events, we actively encourage communication within the community to maximize the popularity and promotional effect of the game.


  • Provides essential campaign information.

  • We conduct research on the market and user culture by region.

Establish marketing strategy
  • Select community selection depending on campaign and consulting

  • Setting specific execution direction fitted to community

Community channel confirmed
  • Executing campaigns using diverse videos and images

  • Forming positive public opinion, neutralizing negative public opinion

Campaign setting and operation
  • Community operation through continuous feedback and user inflow monitoring

  • Provides reporting and insight into results



Immediate feedback

Open communication with users. Utilizing immediate feedback from users to improve your product.

Forming a fan culture

Forming a natural fan culture through the community. Securing loyal users in the field and branding effectively.

Community activation

Activating the user community by posting events and updated content. This improves user trust and accessibility.

Reinforcing positive experiences

Sharing game information promotes user learning and growth and enhances positive experiences such as in-game strategies.


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