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Shortform Marketing

TikTok creative partners, strategies that reflect trends

In line with rapidly changing trends, we are working as a creative partner for TikTok's marketing program. We are accumulating know-how by collaborating with more than 30 partners. We deliver the joy of content to users based on insights gained through experience producing over 160 TikTok videos. We provide a variety of services to meet customer needs and provide successful marketing.


Short Video
  • Produce variations and short-form advertisements from horizontal videos to vertical format

  • Achieve maximum results with various variations depending on advertising performance

  • Effective trend analysis and advertiser campaign contribution to expand online communities

  • Planning and operating challenges on various channels such as Youtube, TikTok, etc.

Branding Creative
  • Planning and production of short-form materials that emphasize corporate image and products

  • Expand brand image and secure competitive advantage through creative planning


TikTok Creative Partner
  • As one of TikTok's official marketing creative partners, we have various insights

  • We have references in various categories by producing over 600 shorts.

Brand extension
  • Expanding the brand community through planning challenge on various platforms

  • Branding strategy considering short-form characteristics that deviate from the existing image

specialized in Short-form
  • Achieving high results through advertising production specialized in short-form

  • Customized planning and campaign execution through analysis of characteristics of each campaign


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