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Performance marketing

Advertising on various online and offline marketing channels

We run advertisements on various online and offline marketing channels (Google, Meta, TikTok, nCPI, etc.). We perform marketing for more than 250 games in approximately 50 regions globally to achieve the best performance. Based on our know-how in operating performance marketing campaigns, we identify campaign efficiency through reports from each media and provide consulting on campaign execution like how to optimize campaigns.


  • Understanding customer needs

  • Set campaign area and budget

  • Segmented targeting settings

  • Create media mix and operation plan

  • Establish marketing strategy

Establish marketing strategy
  • Collection of various material references

  • Internal communication and discussions

  • Create a design request sheet

  • Create a draft and share feedback

  • Final production of material completed

Establishment of material direction
  • Delivery of performance data reports

  • Share campaign progress

  • Modify the campaign to reflect feedback

  • Additional production of materials

  • Delivery of final report

Campaign setting and operation
  • Test campaign 

  • Check area and location availability

  • Main campaign setting based on Data

  • Continuous trend observation

  • Immediate response and optimization

Check and improve performance


Personalized Marketing
  • We conduct customized performance marketing tailored to KPI on all online channels.

Continuous Improvement
  • Observe the efficiency of campaigns through reports. Evaluate optimization, improve shortcomings.

Flexible Operation
  • Modify customer feedback based on performance analysis. We operate campaign flexibly with immediate response.

Tracking Tool
  • Analysis of leading global tracking tools such as App Analytics and Appsflyer. Continuous efficiency verification and evaluation


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